Here's how we deal with waste in an environmentally sound way.

DSW Stores
  • In-store recycling programs and green cleaning programs
  • Store construction with a focus on recycling and low-emission materials
  • Utilization of permanent fixtures instead of disposable cardboard fixtures in all stores

DSW Home Office
  • A company-wide recycling program, at each desk and throughout the office
  • Tinted glass reduces use of electricity and air conditioning, and skylights provide natural external lighting
  • Payroll stubs are paperless

Distribution Center
  • Comprehensive recycling of corrugated materials, at a 100% recycling rate in our Fulfillment Center, plus a 50% reuse and 50% recycle rate in our Distribution Center
  • Distribution Center recycling program for metals, hydraulic oil, batteries, and fluorescent light bulbs
  • Utilization of reusable rubber bands to prepare product for shipment instead of disposable tape, resulting in a reduction in the use of tape by 1/3
Contact Information

For general assistance concerning Waste, contact:

Email: sustainability@dswinc.com