Brand Guidelines

Download our logos and check out guidelines on how to use them!
OPTION 1: General Use
  • Use the logo on all materials that have visibility outside of the store such as direct mail, magazines and outdoor advertising.
  • Design with brand recognition in mind. Go big or go home
  • Layer the logo over imagery with a transparency no lower than 80%.
  • Use the logo in either black or white
  • Flip or mirror logo
  • Disrupt the logo with other words or graphic elements
  • Use the old versions or any other marks or logos to represent our brand
Large Scale Use:
  • Use for applications over 2 feet in width such as billboards and banners, etc.
OPTION 2: Small Spaces
  • For small scale usage under 2" or 149 pixels wide
  • Use DSW initials with registered trademark
  • Use mostly online and in emails
Legal guidelines
Read the legal restrictions on logo use here.


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Contact Information

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