Designer Brands Electronic Invoicing

Designer Brands Vendor Finance has proudly partnered with the Tungsten Network, a global provider for electronic invoice delivery, to service our vendors with electronic invoicing. Invoice processing can often be labor intensive and expensive for both suppliers and buyers. Electronic invoicing will speed up payments by eliminating common problems such as lost or misplaced invoices, and help reduce vendor expenses. Plus, using the Tungsten network allows us to get in touch with you more quickly regarding invoice questions or concerns.

Please visit the following Tungsten page for more details: https://www.tungsten-network.com/customer-campaigns/dsw

Do I have to pay any fees for using Tungsten Network e-invoicing?

Tungsten Network offers 2 different e-Invoicing solutions: (1) Web Form and (2) Integrated Solution. Which one you pick depends largely upon the invoice volume you typically send to DSW. Most suppliers with low annual invoice volumes typically pay nothing for the Tungsten Network services. 
Please click here for more details on the pricing: http://www.tungsten-network.com/tarrifs 

To discuss the electronic invoicing initiative and its importance to DSW, please contact e-mail: vendorfinance@dswinc.com 


Click here to download the FAQs

How do I get started?

Please send an email to vendorfinance@dswinc.com to express your interest in this initiative. 

Tungsten Network will then contact you to help you select your preferred electronic invoicing option. Alternatively, you can email Tungsten at register@tungsten-network.com, or call 1-877-752-0900 for assistance.

How do I know my Invoice/Invoice File was successfully delivered?

  1. Tungsten sends an e-mail confirmation to you informing whether the invoice or invoice file was accepted by Tungsten for transmission to Designer Brands.
  2. Tungsten assigns a transaction number for every successful submission to Tungsten. (This 15 digit transaction ID is unique for every invoice submitted through Tungsten and begins with AAA, example: AAA000001234567.)

Key Features of Electronic Invoicing

Once registered on the Tungsten Network, you will experience greater efficiencies from Designer Brands Vendor Finance processing your invoices. We are confident you will see significant benefits to your business including:

  • Fast, guaranteed invoice delivery - Invoices are received automatically and securely
  • Early invoice data validation - Tungsten Network validates your invoice data so they are approved promptly
  • Payment on time - improve your cash-flow and plan ahead with confidence

Tungsten Electronic Invoicing Option

There are two primary methods for sending invoice and credit transactions via Tungsten: (1) Web Form and (2) Integrated Solution. Please click here for additional details:

Click here to download Options Document

What data is required on the invoices when submitted via Tungsten?

Suppliers should not send duplicate paper invoices. Tungsten acknowledges safe processing and delivery of all invoices and credits processed to an email address of your choice.

Please ensure all data on your paper invoice is provided via this electronic approach and use comments lines when necessary.

To approve the electronic invoice we require the following information:

  • Prepare only ONE invoice per Purchase Order, per shipment / service. Shipments made directly to store locations should be billed, by store, including the applicable store number. Services performed at the store locations should include the store location and store number.
  • Payments will not be generated based on statements, proposals, or estimates.
  • Each invoice must identify the following information:
    1. Purchase order number.
    2. Invoice Number (please use non-repetitive, unique numbers).
    3. Invoice must include an invoice date (ie. shipment / service date).
    4. Payment terms (Payments not generated for late fees or finance charges)
    5. Your A.P. Vendor Number must be included in the vendor address section of the invoice.
    6. Item detail as per purchase order (if applicable), including description, size, unit breakdown with cost, unit count and service description.
  • Under EOM terms, invoices dated on or after the 20th of the month will be paid as though received the first day of the following month.

What happens next?

The attached communication details the next steps and key requirements that allow us to process the data efficiently and according to terms.

Click here to download the What Happens Next Document

Who do I contact for the invoice/payment status related queries?

For any invoice status/payment related queries, please contact Designer Brands Vendor Finance at:

Designer Brands Vendor Finance:

Email: vendorfinance@dswinc.com

Phone: 614 872 1339

  • Ext. 1 - AP Merchandise
  • Ext. 2 - AP Expense 

What is the Tungsten Account Number for Designer Brands?

Merchandise Vendors: DSW Shoe Warehouse Inc AAA678885864/43-0587630 

DSW Expense Vendors: DSW Expense Vendors - DSW Inc AAA657025243/31-04746639