DSW MAP Information

DSW recently updated its processes regarding how we receive, review, store and monitor your unilateral Minimum Advertised Pricing (“MAP") policies.  All MAP related information will be collected, stored, and monitored from a central location.  By making these changes, we will be better informed and able to improve communication with you, our vendor partner. 


As a reminder, MAP policies relate solely to advertising a product and have no impact on the actual price at which a product is sold. DSW is free to set its own prices and does not engage in price discussions with its vendors.  All MAP policies are unilateral and DSW makes no commitment to comply with any MAP policy.  DSW may comply with a MAP policy relative to online and out-of-store advertisements but makes no commitment to comply with any MAP policy that purports to restrict or apply to in-store advertisements.


Failure to follow the below procedures may result in our inability to comply with your MAP policy.


Please review the below process details. These changes are effective immediately. 


NEW MAP Requirements


  • We created a MAP specific email address:  MAPInfo_DBI@dswinc.com.  All communications and information relating to MAP must come through this email address, as further outlined below.


  • All MAP policies, style and color level MAP lists, MAP break dates and any MAP related communications, updates, and inquiries must be emailed to MAPInfo_DBI@dswinc.com.  Please also copy your DSW merchant partners.


  • You must notify us at MAPInfo_DBI@dswinc.com at least 60 days in advance of MAP breaks so DSW can plan for marketing support accordingly. 


  • You are required to provide specific product and MAP break information in Excel format per the attached templates. 


  • DSW will endeavor to make requested MAP updates within 30 business days of receipt of request, but changes cannot be guaranteed due to promotional set up windows and other factors.


  • Questions about an advertised price on DSW.com must be submitted to MAPInfo_DBI@dswinc.com and copy your DSW merchant partner.  DSW does not engage in pricing discussions, so our responses may be limited to a simple confirmation of receipt of your email.


  • Please send your most current full MAP policies and MAP product lists to MAPInfo_DBI@dswinc.com to ensure we have up-to-date copies on file.