Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a copy of the DSW logo or any of Designer Brands other subsidiary logos?
Sure! Just head to our Brand Guidelines page. 

Where can I find recent press releases?
Press releases can be found on our Investor Relations page. 

How can I get permission to film or take video in your stores?
Just contact our Media Relations team! 

How can I get photos of your merchandise?
We feature lookbooks several times a year—contact our Media Relations team to request one. 

How do I reach a Designer Brands spokesperson to get info for a news story?
If you're a reporter who's got questions related to Designer Brands, please email our Media Relations team.

Where is the Designer Brands Home Office located?
We're headquarted in Columbus, Ohio. Here's our address:
810 DSW Dr.
Columbus, OH 43219 
Contact Information

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