Edi Survey

DSW Canada Vendor Manual

E-mail Compliancy

This survey provides identifiers for use in establishing a trading partner relationship with your VAN and DSW, Inc. It also requests pertinent information relating to your EDI organization and processing which allows us to establish a trading partner relationship and configure you in our EDI procurement system.

Please note 997s are required for 850 and 860 transactions.

DSW Invoicing is currently processed through Tungsten. Please see https://www.tungsten-network.com/customer-campaigns/dsw/ for more information.

Please complete this form within ten (10) days of contact by our POM Vendor Compliance department. If you have any question relating to this survey, please E-Mail: DSW_POM_VendorCompliance@dswinc.com.

If you have any questions regarding how to establish a trading partner relationship with our VAN, please contact Sterling Commerce Customer Support at 1-800-876-9772.

DSW - VAN Connection Information

VAN: Sterling Commerce
Production Mailbox ID (DSW): 08 : 6142384060



VAN Information

EDI Service Provider

If YES, below EDI Service Provider section is mandatory.

Data Information


4010 Only

850 Purpose Codes:

DSW only provides one "purpose code" on the BEG01.

  • 00 Original
860 Purpose Codes:

DSW only provides two "purpose codes" on the BCH01.

  • 01 Cancellation
  • 04 Change
Are you currently transmitting carton level (UCC-128) information?

Processing Questions

Can you process a "full replacement" 860? DSW only provides "full replacement" on any change.
Can you take our packing instructions via the SLN segment or do you only take your own pre-defined packs via PO1 or individual pairs (EA)?
Please enter the code you see in the box. This process helps prevent automated survey submissions. If you experience an error in your submission, you will be required to enter a new verification value.